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Lebanese Restaurant Sydney

For the last two centuries, Australia has witnessed an increased number of people from Lebanon migrating into the country. As a matter of fact, almost three quarters of almost every Lebanese born Australian resident calls Sydney home. The western suburbs of the city are highly dominated with the members of the Lebanese community with their many different businesses. As is common with the majority of the immigrant community, it is the drinks and foods of the culture that has greatly impacted on Sydney’s way of life. Western Sydney is greatly dotted with various Lebanese restaurants Sydney which serve traditional Lebanese signature dishes such as flatbreads and fattoush as well as famous Lebanese banquets.

With such a high number of the Lebanese community in Sydney, it is only natural that the city has dozens of Lebanese restaurants Sydney. Even though they may be under different managements, all of these Lebanese restaurants Sydney serve dishes which mostly trace their roots from the Middle East. In the event that you are visiting Sydney for the first time or that you are a resident in Sydney and you wish to eat some Lebanese foods and enjoy some Lebanese drinks, and then be sure to check out Cedars at the Rocks

Cedars At The Rocks Lebanese Restaurant, located only 20 mins from the heart of Sydney


This is undoubtedly the best, the most modern and the most authentic Lebanese restaurant in Sydney. The restaurant’s food is specifically made with the customer in mind. The menu is very vast and wide and comprises of North Lebanese traditional cuisine rooted from the Middle East.

While in the restaurant, you can enjoy great Lebanese meals such as freshly minced Kafta, Shawarma, Vine leaves, Samke Hurra and many more.. Most of these meals are spiced by using Arabic spices and garnishes as well as olive oil, garlic and lemon juice. This makes your palette have a wonderful flavor.

The restaurant has a wide array of drinks ranging from different coffee brands, the Almaza beer and the Lebanese wine from ksara.

The dessert choices available in this restaurant are very unique and are rarely found in other Lebanese Restaurants in Sydney. They include the authentic Lebanese sweets (gelato and Baklava), ice cream and the sticky date pudding.

What makes this Lebanese restaurant Sydney unique is the fact that it operates an excellent customer service, which has seen the restaurant continue to welcome new and repeat customers. The kitchen staff is highly trained and posses’ great culinary skills and high levels of hygiene.

The restaurant offers a relaxed and a friendly environment for all your Lebanese meals for lunch or dinner. The foods and drinks offered in this restaurant come at very pocket friendly prices, which are easily affordable. The restaurant opens Tuesday through Sunday, giving you a chance to drop by and enjoy your Lebanese food. It also operates an in-menu and a take away menu service.

Although there are very many Lebanese restaurants in Sydney, Cedars at the Rocks is undoubtedly the premier. It gives you the perfect Lebanese meal experience.

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