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Find yourself dining in Restaurants in Parramatta quite often? Sick and tired of the same restaurants offering food that is claimed to be fresh or authentic?

Cedars At The Rocks Lebanese Restaurant | Only 5 minutes from Parramatta


Cedars At The Rocks

Conveniently located only 5 Mins from the heart of Parramatta, Cedars at the Rocks, treats its customers as it would treat family. Customers are made to feel as important as our own family at home gatherings. From the traditional decor, right down to the cutlery, the overall experience at Cedars at the Rocks is one that will have you telling all your friends, and making sure there is an extra seat at their booking.

Why is Cedars one of the Top Restaurants in Sydney?

Unlike other Restaurants in Sydney Cedars manages to make your dining experience feel as close to the real thing as possible, there will be times when you question if you have indeed travelled to North Lebanon…your taste buds definitely will. The Lebanese food served up at Cedars at the Rocks, is not only made from the hands of the owners actual aunties, it is made in-house fresh daily. All preparations are saved til mere hours before services to make sure optimal freshness and taste…there is no re-heating here!

Why are we so confident?

We are so confident that the Lebanese Food at Cedars at the Rocks will be the best that you have ever taste, because it is what we grew up on, there is no changing of recipes, no altering the dishes, direct from North Lebanon straight to your plate in Parramatta

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