Lebanese Restaurant

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Lebanese Restaurant

If invited for dinner in Lebanon, first of all you will not miss to receive the warmest invitation before you indulge yourself in remarkable Lebanese cuisine. When talking about Lebanese cuisine, it goes beyond different collection of foods. It is a celebration of rich engaging tastes, delightful starters, alluring colors and grand hospitality. You are guaranteed to experience this if you dine at any Lebanese restaurant. Every country seeks to present its own particular incredible flavors that rise above borders inside the nation and over the world. So any established Lebanese restaurant in any city in the world tasks itself in promoting Lebanese cuisines. That simple looking Lebanese dish does carry a ton inside it regardless of how huge the table is.

Worldwide, this city has gained popularity from its festivals, arts, culture and economy. This city is Sydney, Australia and it would be right to conclude that this is truly a universally celebrated city. With such a strong profile, it is expected that there is a variety of cuisines to be offered to the vast and diverse habitants of Sydney. There exists in this city each kind of restaurant you can envision so as to satisfy people nourishment needs but there is one Lebanese restaurant providing the most authentic Lebanese dishes. For the residents of Sydney and any visiting individual touring this beautiful country yearning for some authentic Lebanese dish, this restaurant will definitely stand out for you.

Who is Cedars At The Rocks Lebanese Restaurant?

Cedars At The Rocks is a Lebanese restaurant located in a small suburb at North Rocks in Sydney Australia. At this exquisite Lebanese restaurant, one gets to enjoy and satisfy the quench for a Lebanese dish with the authentically well prepared Lebanese dishes. Cedars At The Rock, also has extended its services to providing take away services.

Cedars Lebanese Food

Stuffed Vine Leaves | Lebanese RestaurantCountrymen in Lebanon have an interesting and admirable practice when it comes to eating. They enjoy their meals in extensive gatherings as opposed to what many people are used to. Cedars At The Rock Lebanese restaurant cultivates this Lebanese practice because the dish is made extraordinarily to be delighted in an extensive gathering. More so it can be served at the same time so you will pretty much get the feeling you are in a sort of banquet and not a typical restaurant. Traditional North Lebanese food from the Middle East with a bit of foreign influences characterizes the menu you will get to enjoy at Cedars At The Rocks.

For Lebanese Cuisine, the significant source of meat is poultry. When it comes to red meat, it is a type of meat rarely incorporated in Lebanese foods except for lamb meat. Lamb is a major ingredient for a number of meals. To a great extent, Lebanese food incorporates meat in it. This means if you are a vegan going out to dine in a Lebanese Restaurant, you need to be very precise on your choice of meal from the wide range of fruit dishes and vegetable available.

There are quite a number of Lebanese dishes you can enjoy when you visit this Lebanese restaurant in North Rocks Sydney. Lamb pieces shredded in red wine, Shawarma, mixed grills of lamb, chicken and kafta are just but a few Lebanese food you will get to devour and truly enjoy. There is also the famous Cedars Chicken Wings fried to have that golden brown look and sprinkled with genuine herbs and flavors dished up with garlic dip. This is one mouth watering delicacy from this Lebanese restaurant.

Lebanese dishes are seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice or garlic which is different from a good number of meals which are seasoned using Arabic garnishes and spices. The spices in Lebanese meals are further added to make a grand flavor for your palette. The authentic Lebanese food offered at Cedars at the Rocks in Sydney will beyond your imagination make you feel as if you are eating a meal at a home or restaurant in Lebanon itself.

Cedars Beverages & Desserts

In a Lebanese restaurant, you have the choice between Lebanese wine ksara, different blends of coffee which includes ahweh, the strong Arabic coffee or Almaza beer in case you just want to enjoy a drink. Arak is an alcoholic drink which is colorless with anseed flavor and probably the most intrepid decision one can opt to have as a drink in a Lebanese Restaurant.


Cedars as a Lebanese Restaurant do offer desserts which are custom made to incorporate Lebanese flavors. This includes Lebanese gelato and real Lebanese sweets for example the Baklava. Cedars At The Rock also serves the desserts offered in other non-Lebanese restaurant. Ice creams, Sticky Date Pudding are some of these commonly served desserts.

Cedar’s Lebanese Restaurant in Sydney is the place where Lebanese dishes are prepared by chefs who have grown preparing and enjoying Lebanese dishes. What’s more, this Lebanese restaurant kitchen is effectively managed by a well knit group of family members preparing the meals with incredible consideration and devotion. At Cedars At The Rock, the authenticity of the any meals is guaranteed with a surety it will be delivered daily. So if you wish to enjoy a decent Lebanese dish or alternatively have take-away services from a Lebanese restaurant, pay a visit this wonderful restaurant in the North Rocks in Sydney. Cedar at the Rocks Lebanese Restaurant in Sydney will grant nothing short of your dining expectations.