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About Cedar’s At The Rocks | Lebanese Restaurant Sydney

Sydney, Australia is an internationally famous city from the festivals to the architecture, from the culture to the economy, Sydney has a lot to offer residents and especially when it comes to cuisine of every kind and from every kind of restaurant you can imagine, and for the most authentic Lebanese food, you can not go past Cedars At The Rocks

The Lebanese Food

In this restaurant, just like in Lebanon, the food is made specially to be enjoyed in a large group and can be served all at once so you will more or less feel like you are at a banquet, rather than at a restaurant. The menu at Cedars at the Rocks features traditional, North Lebanese cuisine from the Middle East and has some foreign influences as well.

Red meat is rarely included in Lebanese food with the exception of lamb which is a common ingredient in some of the meals. The major meat source of Lebanese cuisine is poultry. Largely, Lebanese cuisine has meat in it so vegetarians may want to choose their meals carefully from the variety of vegetable and fruit meals.

Some of the Lebanese food you can expect to enjoy at Cedars At The Rocks includes Shawarma, shredded lamb pieces marinated in red wine, Mixed Grills of chicken, lamb and kafta and Cedars famous Chicken Wings fried golden brown and sprinkled with authentic herbs and spices, served with garlic dip

Most of the meals are spiced using Arabic spices and garnishes but Lebanese food will also be seasoned with lemon juice, garlic or olive oil. These spices are added to the food to make a wonderful flavour for your palette. Cedars at the Rocks in Sydney offers Lebanese food that will make your taste buds think they hopped on a plane and flew to Lebanon.

The Beverages & Desserts

Almaza Lebanese Beer | Lebanese Food & BeverageFor a drink, you have the option between various coffee blends including the strong Arabic coffee called ahweh. Otherwise, you may choose to sample the Lebanese wine ksara or some Almaza Beer. The bravest choice one can have for drink in a Lebanese Restaurant is perhaps the drink referred to as Arak a colourless alcoholic drink with aniseed flavour.

The desserts in a Lebanese Restaurant are some what different to traditional restaurants, Cedars at the Rocks does offer desserts that can be found in restaurants not of a Lebanese background, like the Sticky Date Pudding, and Ice Cream, but also there is authentic Lebanese sweets like Baklava and Lebanese gelato.

The customer reviews of Cedar’s Lebanese Restaurant in Sydney are always positive. The service is amazing and the food is even more so. If you would prefer to have your food to go, it can be packed for you ready to go. The authenticity of Cedar’s food is promised and delivered daily. What better way to have Lebanese food prepared then by kitchen staff who grew up eating and preparing Lebanese food. The kitchen is run by a team of family members.

With such a wide variety of dishes, it is small wonder that you will be very satisfied and back for more. The meals are prepared with great care and dedication If you are looking to widen you palette or just to enjoy a good lebanese meal for lunch or dinner, stop into Cedars at the Rocks Lebanese Restaurant in Sydney and you won’t be sorry you did.